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WQED documentaries known as the Pittsburgh History Series may be the most effective tools for promoting Pittsburgh and the surrounding region that have ever been created.  Taking advantage of Rick Sebak’s unusual narrative style and his obvious affection for the area, these shows have been broadcast on WQED in Pittsburgh and often, soon afterwards, on public television stations across the country.  Quirky and entertaining, the Pittsburgh History Series has covered a variety of interesting topics from North Side Story, South Side and Things That Are Still Here to Things We’ve Made, What Makes Pittsburgh Pittsburgh? and Underground Pittsburgh.  As important, the Pittsburgh History Series has been a significant source of revenue for WQED, a valued nonprofit for the Pittsburgh community.  Overall, the Pittsburgh History Series programs have sold more than 280,000 tapes and DVDs and have provided more than $3.8 million in operating revenue for WQED. In addition, Buhl has provided  support for It’s Pittsburgh And A Lot of Other Stuff,  a regular monthly series on WQED produced by Mr. Sebak. Grants by the Buhl Foundation, which total more than $2 million, are in recognition of the importance of these WQED productions and are in alignment with Buhl Foundation priorities including strengthening neighborhoods, economic and community development and sustaining key regional institutions.