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BUHL GRANT: $3,000,000 OVER 10 YEARS

The Pittsburgh Promise is a major undertaking by Pittsburgh Public Schools, the City of Pittsburgh, UPMC, the foundation community and a host of other supporters to raise $250 million to provide $20,000 in scholarship funds for each graduate of Pittsburgh Public Schools who achieves at least a 2.5 grade point average and maintains an excellent attendance record.  Pittsburgh Promise is an innovative, groundbreaking initiative to encourage families to move back into the City for a quality education for their children while helping Pittsburgh Public Schools to ensure that students are “Promise Ready,” graduating with the educational tools and career capabilities to succeed in life.  Given the Pittsburgh Promise’s commitment to core Buhl principles including education and youth development, economic development and quality of life, the Buhl Foundation provided one of the largest grants in its history, up to $3 million over ten years to support the Pittsburgh Promise.