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The Buhl Foundation

Board Operating Policies

Confidentiality Policy

The Buhl Foundation seeks to balance the need to protect the confidentiality of employee and grantee records against its responsibilities to be open and transparent.
Download The Buhl Foundation's Confidentiality Policy

Document Retention Policy

The Buhl Foundation understands that business records are both important assets and subject to retention consistent with applicable laws.
Download The Buhl Foundation's Document Retention Policy

Whistleblower Policy

The Buhl Foundation seeks to operate at the highest levels of transparency, accountability and legal compliance. Accordingly, the Foundation is committed to facilitating open and honest communications relevant to governance, finance and compliance.
Download The Buhl Foundation's Whistleblower Policy

No Harassment Policy

The Buhl Foundation is committed to a workplace that is open, welcoming and friendly.
Download The Buhl Foundation's No Harassment Policy

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interests Policy

The Buhl Foundation believes in conducting its affairs with integrity and in accordance with principles of excellent governance.
Download the Buhl Foundation’s Declaration of Ethical Principles and Practices