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Grants Approved at June 14, 2017 Board Meeting

Grantee Amount Description Date Fund
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank $150,000

For continued support of a Northside-wide feeding program to alleviate hunger in school-aged children.

6/14/17 Buhl
Foundation of HOPE $75,000

To implement a diversion program on the Northside for nonviolent offenders, providing support and partnerships to decrease the participant's likelihood of reoffending.

6/14/17 Buhl
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh $40,000

To connect every third grade student on the Northside with educational programs in the Carnegie Library to increase formal and informal learning opportunities.

6/14/17 Buhl
Northside Community Development Fund $40,000

To expand a façade enhancement program as a business revitalization strategy in the Northside.

6/14/17 Buhl
Grow Pittsburgh $35,000

To support a community gardening program in the Northview Heights neighborhood.

6/14/17 Buhl
Pittsburgh Foundation $30,000

To continue Buhl's participation in a pooled fund supporting the partnership between Allegheny County Department of Human Services and the foundation community for addressing human service needs in Allegheny County.

6/14/17 Buhl
City of Asylum $25,000

To present cultural programming at Alphabet City to Northside families and youth.

6/14/17 Buhl
Manchester Youth Development Center $25,000

To offer Northside youth the opportunity to learn, create, exercise and socialize in a safe, familiar and convenient location.

6/14/17 Buhl
Steeltown Entertainment $25,000

To develop and implement a Northside Television Learning Lab.

6/14/17 Buhl
Northside Leadership Conference $20,000

To support neighborhood outreach activities that are entertaining, family-friendly, and foster economic and community development.

6/14/17 Buhl
YouthPlaces $20,000

To support a capacity building initiative for this Northside-based youth development program.

6/14/17 Buhl
Brother's Brother Foundation $10,000

To assist this Northside-based humanitarian aid organization in building capacity and identifying development opportunities.

6/14/17 Buhl
University of Pittsburgh, University Center for Social and Urban Research $10,000

To support a sustainability plan for the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center.

6/14/17 Buhl
POISE $2,500

To support Northside police and residents in participating in the Ussie Summer Games, a community and police field day event.

6/14/17 Buhl
World Affairs Council $25,000

To support a Global Leadership Certificate Program at Perry High School.

6/14/17 Frick

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