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The Buhl Foundation

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Throughout its history, the Buhl Foundation has recognized that any success it has is a derived success. It is dependent on the vision and dedication of the many organizations with which it has been privileged to assist or to work in partnership. The Foundation has been fortunate indeed that good, and sometimes great, ideas and the leaders to implement them have emerged.

In carrying out the wishes of its founder, Henry Buhl, Jr., the Buhl Foundation has been honored to incorporate other family funds such as the McCreery Memorial Fund and the Frick Educational Fund into the work of the Foundation. Each retains its original mission, is separately identified and receives the benefits of efficiencies in overhead and financial management. The Buhl Foundation is honored to serve the community in this way and, in accordance with its founder's wishes, will entertain discussions with other family funds or trusts in determining how the philanthropic community may best serve the citizens of Western Pennsylvania.

The Foundation looks back with gratitude to the region which it serves and to all those that have worked with it for the well-being of Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Foundation looks forward with faith that generous Pittsburghers will continue to share talents and treasures for the well-being of our region.