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The Buhl Foundation

Henry C. Frick Educational Fund

In 1993, the Henry Clay Frick Educational Commission (1909) announced its affiliation with the Buhl Foundation. As a result of the affiliation, the Commission was renamed the Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation. The Frick name is perpetuated in all fund activities.

The Frick Fund was established in 1909 by industrialist Henry C. Frick who suggested that “the fund be used in connection with the public schools and for the improvement of work done therein.” He wished “To assure school children the kind of education which could fit them for useful and worthy citizenship; for making a living and saving part of their earnings; for realizing a good family life; and for learning to respect the beauty of things made with skilled and gifted hands.” His suggestion incorporates well into the Buhl education mission and focus. Today, the Frick Fund continues to support grants for public schools from kindergarten to high school, especially serving disadvantaged and at-risk populations in the region. The geographic area includes Allegheny, Greene, Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland counties with a focus on Pittsburgh. Specific interests include: science and math education, arts education, teacher professional opportunities and organizations that promote strong public education leadership.

Also included within the Frick Fund is the Henry C. Frick Teacher Alumnae Fund. The Henry Clay Frick Training School for Teachers was unique not only in Pittsburgh, but in the entire United States. Originally named The Pittsburgh Teachers Training School, it trained teachers to serve the children of Pittsburgh. The school was part of the Pittsburgh Public School System from 1912 until 1941. The Alumnae Association of the Frick Training School was founded in 1919. Originally an informal group, it later became organized with elected officers and a set of by-laws. Through the Alumnae Association, graduates of the Frick School gave back in full measure the cost of their own education through their service and devotion to the children of Pittsburgh. The Frick Teacher Alumnae Fund began its association with the Buhl Foundation with $11,974 in 1994. Due to market appreciation and the generosity of loyal Frick Teacher Alumnae, the Alumnae Fund has benefited over the years with additional gifts including a testamentary request by Frieda Yetter in the amount of approximately $450,000.

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